Creativity and the exploration of nature's forms and shapes have always been a defining element for Peggy Armand’s life.  From an early childhood while living in the Caribbean, Peggy developed a fascination for the natural forms, patterns, textures and colors found in the ocean and the lush tropical vegetation.

Her creative journey took her from the Caribbean to architecture school at The Pratt Institute where she learned to turn a concept into reality. She now uses her understanding of space and style in interior design, and increasingly in her art.

After graduation, Peggy began a career dealing in museum quality furniture and accessories from Morocco. The country’s juxtaposition of light and colors, and especially the dramatic contrast of architecture and nature have been an endless source of inspiration.

Through her studies, Peggy learned draftsmanship and created watercolor renderings. During this time she mastered the medium and later found the confidence to be experimental in her contemporary work.

While exploring the world and in particular the Orient, she has been able to apply her inspirations  from her travels, studies, and experience. Her work also includes internationally sourced materials she has found and fallen in love with over the years.

Using a method that makes use of watercolor and acrylic, in addition to East Asian paper and molten wax and textiles, her body of work comes from a wide range of mixed media, subjects and inspiration. This makes her art vibrant, refreshingly heartfelt and timelessly contemporary.

Keeping the subjects of her pieces simple, it is her use of relief alto, bas relief, impasto and contrast that give her work a wealth of vividness and movement.

Peggy has produced two solo exhibitions at The Mandarin Hotel during Art Basel in 2015 and  2016 as well as a group show for The Endangered Fine Art and Photography Exhibition during Miami Art Week  in 2017. Recently she participated in Artfields 2018 in South Carolina.

Her piece “Caught in the Midnight Net” , on view now at Venue Naples, is a series and concept close to her heart to raise awareness of destruction caused by fishing nets on coral and marine life in all bodies of water.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Peggy's upcoming Solo Show at Venue Naples in Florida this fall. Keep in touch and please follow Peggy on Instagram and Pinterest @peggyarmand.